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These links give some background to mindfulness:

Mark Williams. The science of mindfulness 


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”
Albert Einstein

What happens if we play with an Einstein-style thought experiment?

Have you got a moment to consider this:

What is your body?

The body performs functions. Right? Our mind is the important part, making decisions and solving problems. The body like a sort of hand-maiden, fetching, carrying and fixing.

Sometimes ‘we’ (our mind) make ‘it’ (our body) perform exercises to keep it fit and healthy. Sometimes the body goes out of control (whose control?) and does things we didn’t want it to do.

Mindful movement is an opportunity to break free of learnt perceptions, and to feel instead the mind-body-heart conversations.

When thoughts are triggered by a mindful movement, how do those thoughts feel in the body? Do the thoughts dictate the next movement? When the body moves and emotions arise, which triggered which? Movement bringing feeling or the other way around? Did the emotional landscape set the tone for the movement? We start to hear what our mind thinks, and notice what our heart feels. Then we get to make different choices (and break out of insanity – if Einstein was right, and he usually was!).

The body can be seen as a 3-dimensional expression of the mind, and it works the other way too.

Notice if you click away from this page as a thought-habit takes hold. Today’s movement is quasi-saucy, deliberately creating an opportunity to notice provoked thoughts and emotions, and the choice your body-mind makes in the next movement.

Standing feet wide, thumbs into lower back, make a hip circle (catch that thought!). Continue the movement, and notice how large, how slow, how much thumb massage, what makes you reverse? Will you do it secretly in the loo or in the park for all to see?

Is the movement triggering happy memories, embarrassment, silliness, laughter, rage or fury? Plans to buy a hula hoop, or plans to sell the one you never use? If you’re finding it fun, install the good (see Day 5 of this course), if it’s irritating, offer yourself some kindness. This way you’re breaking a habit, and changing your habits, by re-wiring your brain.

Hip circles can become a deep back-arch and an equally deep forward bend, really lubricating the joints of your spine. They are ‘exercise’ for sure! But they can be so much more. If you let them, hip circles can change your view of the body-mind-heart continuum.

Inspirational Poem

Gil Hedley: Living testament

Your body
is a holy book,
a scripture-

the pages
of your flesh
are marked
in exquisite detail
with the finest hand,

inscribed by spirit
with the poetry
of love,
lessons of mercy,
angelic hosts,

and the story
of your life
perfectly told,

an illuminated manuscript
of a sacred writing
epic in scope,
and grace.

Every hair
on your head
and line on your face,
every rushing tide
of wind and wave
moving you
from within
this living testament
bear witness
to the truth
within you—

Study this text
with conviction then,
reflect with care
upon its meaning,
and enjoy
the divine

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