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These links give some background to mindfulness:

Mark Williams. The science of mindfulness 


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These practices train us in discovering (and working with) the traditional ways of offering kindness to ourself and to others. You can use the audio recordings, or if you would prefer to sit with the eyes open, you can you use the video and watch me and my little dog, as you practise.

You might like to do the 7-day series “When the stress is just too big” as this gives background information on how this approach works, and also some different ways to embark on kindness gently.

It may sound like we have to be able to offer kindness, but that’s a misunderstanding. When we start, there may be no sense of kindness at all and that’s OK (it happens for everyone at some time or another). You may find you like the rhythm and the intention of the practices, and that’s enough. Every time we practise (whatever meditation we use) something different happens, and with befriending practices this is especially true… you may like to see if that’s so for you?

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