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These links give some background to mindfulness:

Mark Williams. The science of mindfulness 


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A few years ago I went through a major life crisis after learning I had lost the memory of some events from my childhood. As a mindfulness teacher, I had (quite) a few people say, “Just let it go. Live in the moment. That’s all in the past”.

What does it mean: living in the moment?

My journey to healing meant looking long and hard at my choices about what to “look at” in “this moment”.

That’s my first point: there is a lot that is here ‘in this moment’ and that very often includes thoughts – about the past and the future. Even though the thought may be ‘about’ the past, it is happening now. And the thought is generating experience in this moment, as emotion: shame, guilt, fear, regret, or equally excitement, joy, anticipation, or the warmth of happy memories.

It’s not just thoughts and emotions that are here in this moment. Our body is ALWAYS right here in this moment. We could choose to notice the sensations that accompany the emotions, or we might choose to notice the breath, or the grounding of a solid floor under the feet.

These are classed as ‘internal experiences’, or the landscape of the inner world.

Then there’s all the sensory information from our 5 senses, bringing rich and wonderful connection to the outer world.

So, ‘living in the moment’ is actually about choice – a choice that is ours to make.

But so often, we live our lives on automatic pilot – repeating familiar habits of thought and activity, travelling down well-worn grooves without even realising. Automatic pilot takes our choice away!

This course will invite you to discover what happens when you shift from being lost in ‘now’ experiences of thoughts to a present moment experience of your choice. So today you might enjoy spending 10 seconds counting up everything that is here in right now in your present moment!

Inspirational Poem

Roger Keyes: Hokusai says

Hokusai says Look carefully.
He says pay attention, notice.
He says keep looking, stay curious.
He says there is no end to seeing.
He says Look forward to getting old.
He says keep changing,
you just get more who you really are.
He says get stuck, accept it, repeat
yourself as long as it’s interesting.
He says keep doing what you love.
He says keep praying.
He says every one of us is a child,
every one of us is ancient,
every one of us has a body.
He says every one of us is frightened.
He says every one of us has to find
a way to live with fear.
He says everything is alive –
shells, buildings, people, fish,
mountains, trees. Wood is alive.
Water is alive.
Everything has its own life.
Everything lives inside us.
He says live with the world inside you.
He says it doesn’t matter if you draw,
or write books. It doesn’t matter
if you saw wood, or catch fish.
It doesn’t matter if you sit at home
and stare at the ants on your verandah
or the shadows 0 the trees
and grasses in our garden.
It matters that you care.
It matters that you notice.
It matters that life lives
through you.
Contentment is Life living through you.
Joy is life living through you.
Satisfaction and strength
is life living through you.
Peace is life living through you.
He says don’t be afraid.
Don’t be afraid.
Look, feel, let life take you by the hand.
Let life live through you.

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