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These links give some background to mindfulness:

Mark Williams. The science of mindfulness 



This page gives you some different short audio and video practices to try out. There are some video teaching clips with tips for helping you get to grips with mindfulness.

Please, do as much or as little as you find useful. Perhaps see if you can begin to do a little bit every day, using the tick chart pdf to help nudge you.

You might like to try rewarding yourself for your persistence and patience. Learning a new skill is like learning to swim. It takes some trial and error. But it’s worth it!

Practice Videos

Finding an Anchor

Befriending the Feet

Grounding using the Spine

Movement with the Breath

Teaching Videos


Working with difficulty


The Wandering Mind

Thoughts and Awareness

Trauma Triggering

Why find a steadying Anchor

What is Mindful Movement

Inspiration Poem

Alberto Caeiro: The road before the curve (translated by Chris Daniels)

Past the curve in the road
Maybe there’s a pond and maybe there’s a castle,
And maybe it just keeps going.
I don’t know and I don’t even ask.
While I’m walking on the road before the curve,
I only look at the road before the curve,
Because I can’t see anything but the road before the curve.
It’d do me no good to look for the other side
And at something I can’t see.
Let’s only care about the place where we are.
There’s enough beauty in being here and not anywhere else.
If there’s someone past the curve in the road,
Let them worry about what’s past the curve in the road,
That’s what the road is to them.
If we have to get there, when we get there we’ll know.
For the time being all we know is, we’re not there.
Here there’s only the road before the curve, and before the curve
There’s only the road without any curve at all.


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