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These links give some background to mindfulness:

Mark Williams. The science of mindfulness 


You have a real gift as a teacher and ability to enrich lives with what you teach. BP

I’ve found the course to be amazingly useful in very many different ways. Prior to attending I wasn’t 100% sure what the course entailed but I’m now constantly aware of the benefits it’s brought about.  The one thing I found most useful was the group discussions; the sharing of thoughts relating to the meditation, possibly more than the practise itself.  It was sharing of a group forum with a heightened sense of listening, sharing and patience. It’s relatively easy ( I find ) to manage one’s own personal meditation but much harder to find / create a group with the characteristics of the one you brought us all into.  I found this more ‘special’ because of it’s rarity. JF

It’s relatively easy ( I find ) to manage one’s own personal meditation but much harder to find / create a group with the characteristics of the one you brought us all into.  I found this more ‘special’ because of it’s rarity. JF

It has enriched my life immeasurably because I have regained contact with my SELF. I now feel less afraid of everything because meditating has given me the certain knowledge that ‘the centre will hold’. That if everything else were to be taken away from me, the inner me is indestructible. RH.

I wish the course could continue; I will miss it. Chloe.

What a wonderful course, made especially so by Susanna – Thank You. BP.

The course has helped me:
…to accept myself as I am. To let it be. P
…to learn to have self compassion and be able to calm the nervous system. A
…learning that I am not alone with life’s difficulties! J
…to be more aware, present. B

I’ve suffered from depression for years and have been prescribed anti-depressants continuously since 1985, Dr Smith advised me that it could be beneficial to change my prescription as I’d been taking the current anti-depressant for almost 20 years. The change was not straight forward and we had to try several alternatives before we found one that suited me, during which time my mood went seriously down hill. It was in this context that Dr Smith recommended your course. I was initially reluctant to commit myself because of the daily practice requirement, but allowed myself to be persuaded! From the very first session that I attended I felt at ease. The gentle, accepting way in which you led each session ensured that I always felt I was among friends and that my contribution was valued. On the few occasions when I felt uncomfortable with a particular practice even then I was still conscious of being in a safe place where it was OK to say what I felt.
The content of the course was a mixture of stuff that I thought I knew already and some things that were unfamiliar; but what was completely new was the context in which they were presented. The course quite simply opened my eyes to a whole new way of being, a new perspective on life, a new way of relating to events, thoughts, feelings etc. For me the eight week course has been life changing. I’ve struggled with depression for many years and tried many different ways of dealing with it (counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, etc.); and although each was helpful at the time, their effect has never seemed to be long lasting. I felt in some ways this course was my last chance as nothing else had “worked”. I found that Mindfulness offers a different approach, one which I feel naturally attuned to. It doesn’t claim to provide answers; it provides a way of being. It doesn’t take away my depression but it allows me to acknowledge it and live with its ups and downs, giving me strategies for getting through the bad times. As a Christian it can also support my spiritual life, since its methodology is so close to contemplative prayer. In conclusion, I fully intend continuing to practise!

I have recently completed my second Mindfulness Meditation course with Susanna. Since having been diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis several years ago – for which there is effectively no allopathic treatment – I have decided to follow a number of different courses of action. Meditation in general, and Mindfulness in particular, is highly recommended by many as a way of strengthening mind and spirit – essential if one is to maintain the positive attitude necessary for optimum health. As it is not possible to be one’s own ‘control’ in any form of medical experimentation, I can only assume that by following a number of complementary therapies, I am at the very least slowing the (expected) progress of my condition. And I have no hesitation in asserting that MM has helped – and is helping – me to come to terms with my life. From my position as an ex-teacher and trainer, I am delighted to confirm that Susanna Scamell has demonstrated incomparable skill as the facilitator of both the MM courses I have taken. She is an excellent leader and an endlessly sympathetic listener, who also possesses the happy knack of being able to summarise the occasionally rambling observations of all her students!

Susanna’s teaching has helped me accept feelings of fear and anxiety…
When I first came to Susanna’s course I had been living with feelings of anxiety since childhood. It was normal for me. Although I managed to hide it well on a day-to-day level, this drained my energy and sometimes the anxiety would build up and exhaust me. Over the years, I’ve had counselling to understand the root causes and I’ve learned relaxation techniques and occasionally taken medication to alleviate the physical symptoms. However, since following the course I understand how my anxiety works. I’ve learned how to identify my habitual ways of thinking and to question how I react. Susanna’s teaching has helped me accept feelings of fear and anxiety, and explore new ways of dealing with difficult situations when they arise. I have developed a daily mindfulness practice and now I couldn’t imagine life without this incredible inner resource to cope. Letting go of my anxiety soundtrack has given me new energy and confidence. All the way through the course, Susanna’s gentle and open approach created a very trusting atmosphere in the group. Susanna is a caring and compassionate teacher who values everyone’s contribution and encouraged us at all times to look within ourselves to find our own answers. I would highly recommend both Susanna as a teacher and the 8-week MBSR course. B.

I am very grateful to you in many ways and for encouraging me to do Mindfulness in a group..
I have always been a shy person but my depression has accentuated and made me more withdrawn and even less likely to engage in anything, let alone group discussions. Despite my initial concerns and trepidation, I am very grateful to you in many ways and for encouraging me to do Mindfulness in a group. Although I found it hard at the beginning to participate, all the people were very friendly and encouraging, by the end I felt more able to join in. I have benefited by hearing from the others what they were experiencing then and there, this gave me the confidence to play a bigger part. J.

Doing your course has helped me to enjoy today better…
Thank you for such a lovely course, I am so glad I finally took the time for myself. I feel now I am able to practice mindfulness and understand it is not about achieving a certain state of mind but being present in the moment you are in . Doing your course has helped me to enjoy today better by not dwelling on yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. K

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