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These links give some background to mindfulness:

Mark Williams. The science of mindfulness 


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You may enjoy exploring these yoga videos. They were recorded a few years ago, before my focus turned to trauma-informed practice. You may notice the difference between mindful movement and yoga. In yoga there is an idea of a certain posture and encouragement to shape your body into that posture. Many bodies struggle to attain the traditional postures, and this can lead to a sense of failure for some students. For others it can feel like a wonderful and invigorating challenge and a journey of discovery. I have felt both of these things, many times over, in the years I have been practicing yoga!

Feel free to have a go. Stop if anything feels unhelpful, especially if the history of your body makes some movements, or postures, unsafe or dangerous.

Savasana is the traditional relaxation period at the end of a yoga class. There are 2 audio recordings here: one is a guided savasana practice without attention to the breath. This can be helpful if the breath is triggering for you. You may like to see if the recordings help you sleep if you are restless at night. Traditionally savasana practices were devised to develop awareness of the body and the breath, but recently ‘yoga nidra’ has become a widely used sleep aid.

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